Flash Flight Inbound on 11/09

Yesterday I was lucky enough to control the flash flight from Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport to Hong Kong International Airport

It was an amazing time on the expert server, but one thing stuck out. There were almost 0 inbounds. Usually on an event such as a fly-out or flash flight, there are a mix of heavy outbound traffic and substantial inbound traffic. The only person to land at Taiwan Taoyuan was @CrazyBee! The landing was a beautiful one at the perfect time of day with the rainbow sky. It also looked pretty cool among the busy outbound traffic. Thought I would share. Thanks for everyone for an amazing event yesterday. This was towards the end of the outbound leg of the flash flight at around 22:45 zulu!

Have an amazing day!


Thats an wonderful Screenshot 👍

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I hope it was a nice flight


Sure it was aswell as my 23hr flight from RCTP to SBGR was amazing

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