Flash Flight: Hopping Around! @ LFLL - 041900ZFEB19

Hopping Around!

Join us as we fly from Lyon to Little in the rather length CRJ1000, HOP! livery!. This flight takes in some amazing scenery, so be sure not to miss it! Pushback in under 30 minutes! We will be flying a few degrees west of due north, so make sure your cruise altitudes are correct! Everyone should be following the semi-circular rule!

As always, take your best photos and post them on social media. Tag us with @infiniteflight and use the #infiniteflight hashtag for a chance to be featured on our social media.

Event Details

Server: Expert

Airport: LFLL

Aircraft: HOP CRJ1000

Time: 1900Z [in 30 minutes!]

Altitude and Speed: FL360/M.78


Copy staff flight plan
Please follow the rules of each server as required.
Have fun!

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Why am I always at school during flash flights!


Is there a flash flight everyday

No, they’re about once every 2 weeks

The instagram story says flight level 340

You mean Lille?

Designed to get people flying at slightly different altitudes!

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same problem