Flash Flight - Higher Than The Sun! @ KTCM 272000ZNOV18


Higher Than The Sun

It is a casual server flight this time, and a fun one at that! Head to KTCM to see who can reach the highest altitude. Will a new record be set? Fighter Jets only! The event starts in just under 30 minutes, so get those engines ready soon! As this is the casual server, expect some…interesting experiences!

As always, take your best photos and post them on social media. Tag us with @infiniteflight and use the #infiniteflight hashtag for a chance to be featured on our social media.

Event Details

Server: Casual

Airport: KTCM

Aircraft: Fighters

Time: 2000Z [in 30 minutes!]

Altitude and Speed: n/a


Fighters only!
Please follow the rules of each server as required.
Have fun!

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Nice Picture man


Just spawned in! This will be interesting!


So we can act like idiots or are there rules or no lol


My max altitude so far has been 135000ft-ish 😂


Once I got stuck in space on here lol


here’s what I got up there


A fighter jet nearly dive bombed me.


I want to see @Tom_Grollman fly high.


More like Tom Grollman IFATC flying into terrain


🎵Ground Control to Major Tom…🎵

15 million feet or over 4,500km up!


are you all the way in space


no wait that’s just google , Never mine


Don’t forget, if you can beat 535,315,424 feet AGL you’ve set a new record. Check out the unofficial records thread here;


Made it to 100.000 feat! 😱


Never managed to get higher than that :

But I got a nice pic anyway:




Is someone going to try the ZUGU glitch? I remember (from a video by @Swiss) there is another airport that has the same glitch.