Flash Flight: FSE19 @ KJFK - 091900ZJUN19

Sorry guys…
My IPad died after departing.

Im not part of the event why is ATC giving me 18L when coming from the east?

Because, IRL everyone is using 17L, 17R, 18L, and 18R.

Just follow the directions if your destination airport is Orlando, and if you don’t, they could possibly ghost you for not following directions

I know its supposed to be 17L what I meant was why he isnt giving me 17L! Plus its Jacksonville Appr there is Orlando Approach so im confused

Well, 18L is on the same side as 17L…

I just hope you followed the directions and didn’t get ghosted.

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I did but its mayham

You an see everyone on the home screen


How long does this event go for? Because I’m doing a 4 hour flight right now and I’m wondering if I can join this event after. Or will it be too late

I believe the event is now over as it is only one flight

I have just finished controlling ground and would just like to thank the large majority of pilots that followed instructions and lived up to the expectations of the Expert Server.

I hope everyone had a great flight and enjoyed everything relating to FlightSim Expo over the weekend.

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Thanks for the amazing attendance! Well over 100 aircraft took part in this. Amazing work by ATC too. Look out for shots from this flight on IF social media over the coming days 🙂


Holy cow 😳😃👍🏻

hey what day this start and what time also anybody can tell me please thank you

Here is a tutorial on Zulu time. The date and time of the event is in the title.


It was yesterday…


oh thank you

Odd… as it says you’re from North Carolina. Anyways, I’ll get a PM set up with you and Misha since your account has not reached the community trust level to send messages. Thanks for the understanding.


Seems weird, I hope this issue gets resolved soon! And welcome to the community!

Looks like it was a lot of fun.