Flash Flight: FSE19 @ KJFK - 091900ZJUN19

#sorrynotsorry. Awesome work!


If someone asks twice in 4 minutes (in between each request) is that ghost worthy? My buddy was ghosted for that. If he was spamming it’s one thing but twice in 4 minutes I don’t think is worthy.

With the amount of people here I guess it’s worthy. Not normally I would think though

The ghosts I gave were for 2 within a couple of minutes and 3+ requests in a row.

If you get a broadcast that the frequency is busy, repeatedly requesting is not going to speed things up!

If it was a regular situation with a normal amount of traffic on the ground most controllers would not ghost for 1 repeat message after a couple of minutes. Sometimes we forgot to click through a command or loose track of who is holding short.


Just landed at KSAT. Got this wierd message I think has something to do with jfk. I got this message saying attention all aircraft please do not use strobe lights on taxiway. I was on final with no traffic or ATC at San Antonio or a surrounding airport. Glitch?


Nope. I wanted to test a broadcast message for the server and so all heard it!


It kinda scared me lol

decided to make the trip but from boston, hopefully i beat most of the New York Departures who still havenʻt departed yet. Shoutout to the Boston ATC it only took me 3 minutes from pushback to takeoff.

I thought I hadn’t seen it before…

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It is a freeform text box in one of our admin pages. It is the same thing you hear Laura sometimes using for her server messages.


The traffic congestion at Runway 13R is just horrible, I’m still stuck in waiting in the very long line for takeoff.

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I’m already in the air (after 50 minutes waiting)

Sadly strobe lights being used on the taxiway is not the only problem. People cutting in line, people keeping their spoilers on the entire taxi, and others taxiing until they are less than 1 centimeter away from your aircraft are also problems :(


Expert server used to be legit. Now, not so much. 😥 I waited 52 minutes to take off. Damn that was crazy. Probably the busiest I’ve ever seen an airport or server. Wicked cool idea to do this.

Aha cool! So I guess you can type anything?

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throwback to when KNUC would have lines that lasted 50 minutes and you couldnʻt even taxi from how long the line was.

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Jesus KMCO must have been ABSOLUTELY PACKED. They just had an event at 6pm with 72 attending, now 7pm with a FNF amount? Wow.


@MishaCamp has got 3 escorts today, gonna make for some great pics


Everyone look at this!

Zoomed out


Sorry guys…
My IPad died after departing.