Flash Flight: Citilink-ing

Hi everyone, welcome to another Flash Flight event! Today we’re heading to Indonesia, connecting Jakarta to Denpasar. Indonesia is a simply beautiful place and we believe you’ll enjoy todays route down to Bali. Departing east out of Jakarta you’ll be presented by mountainous terrain & this will be the case for the majority of the route. Be sure to take some pictures!

IFATC will provide service where able, so remember to always be in contact with them if they are open. This includes centre and departure frequencies.

Be sure to post your best screenshots on Instagram or Twitter and tag us for a chance to have one featured on our social media pages. Simply tag us using @infiniteflight, or use hashtags #infiniteflight and #flashflight. We look forward to seeing all of your amazing photos! You can also follow us on YouTube where we live stream some of these events and occasionally host giveaways!

Event Specifics

Origin Airport Destination Airport Livery Aircraft Flight Duration Server
WIII WADD Citilink A320 1:30 Expert Server


NOTAM: This flight will be lead by @Dan. As this event is being hosted on the expert server we ask for your full cooperation with IFATC and to follow all expert server rules. Use of SIDs & STARs recommended. Most importantly, have fun!


Wow! We definitely needed a event with this amazing new livery! Thanks once again dan! Cant wait to join in.

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So joining this

cool i’m coming😍


Dan, quick question! Will this be streamed on ur channel?

I will be there! :)

This will not be streamed anywhere unfortunately


Damn well its aight

Looking forward to this event!

This sounds like a great event! Hopefully i can join

I have nothing else to do, so why not? ✈️

I’m already ready for pushback

And I have to hold :(

Damn i cant come i got busy

Great event and awesome scenery.
I landed right after dan and wanted to park next to him but he de-spawned so quickly lol

Landed safely at Denpasar! It was a great flight thx for this awesome opportunity

Great ATC staffed throughout including centre and approach. Fun to do fly an rnav approach instead of an ils for a change too.

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Thank you opportunit