Flash Flight - Berlin Bound @ EGSS - 182000ZSEP18

Flash Flight:

Berlin Bound!

Head to EGSS on the expert server for a flash flight in 30 minutes! This event is a Ryanair B738 flight down to Berlin. Ryanair is the largest European carrier and flies an all B738 fleet. Their fares are consistently below £10; not something you tend to find in the US! So, hop in the bright yellow and blue aircraft and join us on a flight to Berlin!

As always, take your best photos and post them on social media. Tag us with @infiniteflight and use the #infiniteflight hashtag for a chance to be featured on our social media.

Event Details

Server: Expert

Airport: EGSS

Aircraft: Ryanair B738

Time: 2000Z [in 30 minutes!]

Altitude and Speed: FL350/M.78


Copy staff flight plan
Please follow the rules of the server as required.
Have fun!

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Nice, shame i can’t make it. Hope you all have a good flight!

Yeah I can’t make it either, but you guys have slot fun in the lag wars


I’m in for this flight!!

Are we beginning pushback then? Not sure

Noooo! I would’ve been able to come but I need to go get my baby cousin for a wedding! Have fun guys!

Gotta check this one out

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Is there a Ryanair event or something?

Man, look at this turnout!


I would’ve loved to join but unfortunately it’s quite late here i got school early in the morning tomorrow so i need to sleep.

Some shots from from this Flash Flight. Enjoy 😊


Wow, never knew RyanAir’s prices were that low. Wish I could’ve attended this one. Really need to work on my landings. 😂


How do you make the moon so big? I never get shots like these :(

You need to zoom in on free cam :)


What application is this? Is it available for Android?

You should be controlling 😡😡

Not busy yet. So should you :P

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thanks to all those who participated! it was fun to controll Approach!


Nice Flight! Thank you for this amazing flash flight 👌