Flash Flight - Air Nostrum CRJ1000 @ LIMF - 091630ZAUG18

‪Air Nostrum CRJ1000‬
‪Expert Server / 1.5 hr flight time‬
‪FL360 / M.80‬
‪Departing at 1630Z‬
‪NOTAM: Maintain 5-8 nm separation to assist ATC with managing the traffic.‬


Should be ton of fun to test out the new CRJ! See everyone there!
Thanks, Mark :)


36000 isn’t a realistic altitude for a CRJ it’s way to high

Where are you getting your information from ?

I show ceiling being 41,000’


Yes but you never see CRJS at that height because the flight is so short

ill let you take that argument up with @Mark_Denton good luck


See you there, @Mark_Denton !

What terminal and gates will we be using?

I had the same thought when I had a flight that was supposed to be 45 mins. We had planned for a cruising altitude of 18,000ft with cruise only being about 10-15mins. Little did we know that we were going to end up at FL340 for storms that unexpectedly moved over the DFW metroplex.

“never say never”


As my first Flash Flight, this should be fun! See y’all there!

The real world flight (LIMF-LEMD) climbs to that altitude according to FlightAware…

This is only part of the group. So many aircraft for my iPad to render them all in, but she’s performing just fine. Sure is a big group flight!


This distance is about 600nm so FL360 is very realistic. Get ready for a “zig zag”, “ring-around-the-rosie” approach! Lol!

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This is all my phone could render from ATC view. To all those that were on the ground thanks for being patient with me!

Major shoutout to the ATC @ LEMD for handling all the traffic!

Cool! I will try to join this will be a good time to test out the new aircraft :)

Amazing flash flight today! Got some pictures of only some of the pilots that joined. :)


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