Flash Flight: Aegean Adventure!

Yeah spawn now :)

Okay great! I’m at the gates

im waiting behind @Peanut_747!
gonna take the Aegean A320 up to Skiathos because yes

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@Dan I’m Turkish 267UA, once we get to cruise mind if I pull in for just a few seconds for photos and then climb away?

We’re you the aircraft behind me? Didn’t realize anyone was there with the server hiccups lol

yep! i was rockin the new livery
oh my gosh its so beutiful

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Thinking about trying it next flight. I was wondering the reason the airfield was so congested!

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Not this again 😅

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Uh oh, oh boy lol

Uh oh… Don’t worry, no more near misses this time, and it’s only for 30 seconds lol

I’ll be careful if you allow it @Dan

Poor Mr Woodhams. The most patient person on IF.


Not this time around, you flew 100ft above me for ages last time. TOD now anyway 😁

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Fair enough, sorry lol

…Did I just get buzzed by an F16?

we should have someone recording all of the Landings in Athens. Like a spotting video haha

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Yep… To be fair I may or may not have had a near miss with him a few flash flights ago…

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Fancy a parallel arrival and approach?

Thanks everyone who attended. Special thanks to Dan for organising this. It was just stroke luck I was free to attend.
A bit disjointed at the beginning when there’s a mad rush to the runway behind Dan, I had to increase alt rapidly on rotation to avoid incoming planes crashing/spacing 3nm/1000ft apart as a minimum from me.

It’s been fun🥳😎

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Amazing event thank you @Dan

No worries! See you all in the next one ✈️✈️

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very dark at night the flights have to be only during the day, if there was at least a taxi light it would be great

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