FLASH EVENT - Honoring 25 Years of the A340 @ LFPG - 041645ZOCT16

Honoring the A340 and 25 years of service! Hope to see you there!


I don’t have Paris… 😔


Coming now!!

I’m the only person!!??

Joan fast is climb rate??

Climb at 3500 FPM!

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Okay am doing👍👍

We are circling. Join us now!

Such normal for a empty light A346

Not sure I understand what you mean.

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Maybe first word is wrong

I mean that for a light A340-600 it is acceptable and normal. But maybe at a higher altitude

well I was just a bit late to this

There is still time. Just spawn and take off. We are about to pass over LFPG.

give me a sec and ill be there then

If only the server was mentioned on the picture…

coming in my favorite a340 livery south african

Coming back now!! Sorry had to go for tea…

sorry :3 I have 39 731xp

when you go to hit calibrate and you end flight…


on cruise over pacifc…