Flash event, 787 celebration flight @ WMKK - 080400ZAUG16

The #IFAE team brings you a new Flash event. Join the Aviation experts team to fly from WMKK-WSSS.

Planes: Any 787
Region: Singapore
Speed: 240 max under FL100, 280IAS max above FL100, 300IAS max above FL180
Altitude and VS: FL210 with a maximum of +3500 VS
Approach: at your own discretion.
Server: Expert server
FPL: Either from me or IFAE- Art Martinez
Time: 9:00pm PST/0400Z
Spacing: Please try and maintain a minimum of 5NM separation with you and the plane in front of you

As this is the expert server, you either follow all ATC instructions or use the Unicom

Have fun!




Can I fly in the 777???

Hmm, I might come.

Answer for you

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5mins. Start spawning :)

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is Jetstar one of the liverys in the 787

Yes, on the -8

Great flight you guys it was fun here are some pictures I took

It’s a blast :)

How did you load all the aircrafts. I Tried loading all. even with aircraft count very high. Nice picture I can see myself back there xD

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