I would just like to ask how much I should flare when I land? As in, how far should I pitch the nose up and when should I do it to get a smooth landing?



Im not sure of the pitch you flare at, but I know that you start to pull the nose up when the GPWS says “20”(20 feet) :)

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Around 5 degrees.

It actually depends on your v/s and speed. If GPWS says 20 when having a v/s of -2000, it’s not practical to flare then as you’ll drill through the runway in a fraction of a second.


You suppose to bring down V/S when you get closer to thrushold. It will be lot slower at the end.

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That’s too Low. Typical flaring consists of 7-12 degrees.

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If you coming at 2 degree angle that makes it 7 degree. I will try to do 10 degree. See whats like.

No, that is an incredibly high flare. Here: I tested it.

7 degrees:

10 degrees:

12 degrees:

Even with an airbus, it is too high.
10 degrees

12 degrees.

So @dn1801 to answer your question, you should not be flaring between 7 and 12 degrees. More like between 3 to 6 depending on the aircrafts height above the ground. The best way to get better is to go into Solo mode and practice. Hope this helps!


7 degrees seems fine to me! I did not think that 10 degrees was so much! My bad, sorry :)

Yup. 7 degrees is about the most you should be flaring. To get the 7 degree flare though, I had to almost steal onto the runway.

Yeh… Looks like 5 degrees all togather is enough. Thanks for saving me doing the experiments :)

In the real world, its 50 but it dosnt work like that in if. In if it is around 20-30

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When you hear 50, 40, 30 etc beginning at 50 begin your flare gradually to 2-3 degrees. At 10 retard the throttle.

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We flare at 30ft in real life. This isnt a guess, its a fact.

For those who dont know the actual answer, please dont bother replying and leave the space for those who do know. We have a huge community full of real world aviators from all walks of life who can provide accurate and informative information. “About” or “in the region of 1-100” doesnt work when someone is chasing the accurate answer.


yeah thats what I was saying

737 is around 5

Depends on the aircraft.

Probably 5 or less in most airliners


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For Airbus aircrafts, it can get as high as 10 tho

In the 747 you initiate the flare at 30’ , then raise the nose by 2 degrees, when your new attitude is stable retard the throttles slowly but keep the attitude which makes it necessary to slightly pull a little more on the yoke as the nose wants to drop once the engine thrust is reduced. Also watch for your final approach speed plus corrections: You want your final Appr. Speed to be raised with half of the existing surface wind plus the full surface gust. If you start the flare too early you will float, flare too late you will touch down “ firmly” , why ? Because the moment you pull back on your yoke thinking of “ im descending too fast and you want to “ rescue” your landing you make thinks even worse: Raising your nose before touchdown always first increases the rate of descent of your main landing gear thanks to the aircrafts transverse ( pitch, y) axis and then you just can hope for the CMC not printing out the hard landing report.


I usually make sure I am at least level at 50, but at 30 I make sure I am facing above the horizon, enough to bring the aircraft down smoothly, but not too much to cause a tailstrike.