Flares! I heard people talking about adding aerobatic smokes for airshows, but some other players say that it might be used by trolls to reduce airport’s viability. So I come up with a thing that won’t last forever. It can also be used to communicate with tankers. After you refuel, deploy one flare to thank the tanker for letting you refuel. It’s a great feature for military aviators because we shall get to either communicate with this or just make our flights look fancier.

Good idea! This would make airshows and flying much better!

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Could you please add a little more detail to this request? For example, Why should we spend a vote on this? What benefit would it bring to the game? Also, try to include a picture :)


I can’t even imagine how much time will be spent on this… Just imagine, FDS will have to create an atmosphere for the game… As not I think it’s just simulation

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That would take a lot of programming and animation and then the lighting effects and smoke effects

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It’s an easy no from me.

Brings absolutely nothing to the game, and “communicating” with them to a tanker is absolutely obscene. It’s not even slightly realistic haha

tbf we do need some way to communicate however in game when it comes to coordinating hook-ups etc. I don’t want to constantly go onto another device and type on IFC to coordinate while also controlling my aircraft as well


Sorry, but I just don’t see it. However, good request. Also, I though a flares main purpose was to avoid getting hit by missile and that general area.

I feel like this will be abused on TS1.

That is it’s only purpose

I saw USAF does that to tankers from YouTube.

But IF mainly do airline operations.

No, in IF, you can fly Pax, Cargo, Air Force or GA. It’s everything an avgeek would want right in your device.

Would people really use it to reduce visibility?I see it as great in your scenario.

The only real effect of this being added to the game is its usage in military va’s like gaf that simulate dog fights other then that its just for show