Flares on Airliners?

Can’t we all agree that this is an unnecessary feature in IF?

It isn’t under feature 😉

It’s not a feature, it’s about real world aviation


Then we can agree as well that this is an all around unnecessary feature.


No facts to back up whatever you say? There is no basis for discussion without facts and logic, I will not allow emotion to rule a discussion that I’m in. With that, I will now withdraw.


No, there is no facts, you can choose to believe it or not 😉. Afterall I gave a link that clearly proves my opinion. Now back on topic.

My opinion and many other is that it’s not necessary and therefore no longer in use by any majors.

How do you know, can you prove that?

Set up a poll and we’ll find out! 🐍

It’s not about polls, I mean where are your facts and data to prove your point? You can post a link about an article or something that says no airline uses flares on their planes 😉

Theoretically, it is a good idea, but in practice, it’s not going to be implemented. The chances of a missile attack on an airliner are very low - I don’t know the exact mathematical chances but it’s somewhere between getting struck by lightning and winning the lottery. The threat of an airliner being shot down is just not high enough for companies to go that extra mile, designing and implementing the system (which would be expensive).


I love this

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The iron dome in the Israel area is probably one of the coolest military things I’ve ever seen. Sorry back on topic. Talking about Israel and fkares.


It won’t work very well because you need to get away from the flares for them to work effectively.

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Doesn’t EL AL have flares on their planes?

As @Narroc_Wim said you can’t simply use flares to prevent being hit, you need to take evasive action like puting the plane in a dive or doing quick action movements, the only plane that has them that is as big is Air Force one but then again it’s designed for wars and nuclear attacks so yeah does a commercial plane need this…

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