Flares on Airliners?

Should we add flares on commercial airlines in case of a missle attack, such as the DHL attack over Baghdad?

  • Yes, this would help secure planes
  • No, a missle attack would never happen!

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This could be a good idea.

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I heard some airlines have flares on their planes by the way if you don’t know what flare is there you go


I’ve never heard of this, do you happen to know which ones?

No, I just heard that some airlines have it in their planes.

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I don’t think flares and commercial aircraft go well together.



I just found one Airline! The Israeli airline EL-AL have flares equipped on their planes!

Makes sense, them being based out of a dangerous military area


What is “flare”?

A single flare isn’t gonna do jack.

What you need is Chaff.


Fire discharges used to misdirect heat-seeking missiles.

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If they cant have parachute, then no flares.

Can I choose a third option called “not worth the extra weight”?

MaxSez: I’m starting to believe the Forum has become a Vauldaville or a playground for bored underachievers with vivid imaginations! Armed Airliners! This oneAlmost Takes First Place for Ridicules Topics, Carson used as the model for the little man in the 172 still hold 1st place for me. By the way @Andrew_Anane, ElAl Has not equipped an airliner with countermeasures for more than 40 years. Had you fully read the link cited you would have noted that the Europeans closed there skies to ElAl because of installed countermeasures. The economic impact caused a sudden change of mindset. Come on boy’s & girls, wanna play with the big kids, act like one! Just Sayin…


See the picture I posted above of a c-17 and have an idea of what flare is.

ChiknSez: well thanks for the input buddy. Also, I have the right to post anything within the guidelines of the forum rules.

First of all there was no need for me to post a link, I said I heard some airlines have equipped their fleet with flares and that’s it, it’s also true, it is not just El-Al.( so I don’t even care whether el-al have flares)

Second thing I’m sure you didn’t read it well because there is no where in that article that says El-Al hasn’t equipped flares on its aircrafts but it says they have flares equipped on their planes. You might be reading a different post or something, make sure you’re reading mine 😉

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If you would’ve read the post properly (which you haven’t) you can see that @Maxmustang is simply asking you to read the link you posted. Not to provide another link.


Let’s deviate from any unnecessary aruguments and stay on topic


No you got me wrong, I said there was no need for me to post a link in the first place.