FLARE911's ATC Tracking Thread [CLOSED @ RKSI


Was this at the runway change? @Sindto


I’d say you’ve grasped whats in the tutorials, with regards to pattern entry, sequencing etc, the only mistake was when clearing me for takeoff I didn’t realise someone was on final, I’d normally stop then takeoff… An immediate takeoff would of been more appropriate, which means a rolling takeoff without stopping.
The main thing is, being new you mainly need more practice, im guessing it’s taking you a little while to find the correct commands, which does take a little while.


Yea i only have about 500 ops on ATC so im still practicing


I took my test at 850 😉


Ill hopefully be able to contact IFATC to test didnt want to do it yet till i get more proficiant.


Think you should be ok on written… Try to get abit quicker for the practical


No, it was when I first called in for touch and go after my transition. @FLARE911


Oh i really thought i did



0152 Zulu - 0300zulu
Tower and Ground

Come on by for the beautiful beaches and sunshine!


I’ll come by in a few ;)


Closing in 10 min.



1606 Zulu - 1800 zulu
Tower and Ground

Come on by!!!



0020 Zulu - ??? zulu
Tower and Ground
Training Server

Come on by!!!


Still here evrryone come on by!!!


Moved to KMIA come fly in.



1700 Zulu - 1900 Zulu
Tower and Ground
Training Server


Please, edit the thread to CLOSED if you’re not controlling.


Sorry i totally forgot thank you




Hey guys ill be opening up here in about 2 and a half hours if anyone wants to join for patterns. Dont know yet where im going to open up at though.

Any suggestions?