FLARE911's ATC Tracking Thread [CLOSED] @ N/A

Practicing for IFATC! Thank you all for helping me get there! Please come on by!

Location: KDFW
Frequencies: Ground, Tower
Time: 2300z - 0130Z
Remarks: none
Server: Training
Status: CLOSED

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Hey Steven!

Few things,

  1. All inbound aircraft require a pattern entry. (Left/Right Base/Downwind or straight in) before you clear for landing/option.

  2. If applicable, send a sequence number.

  3. All runway changes require a pattern entry.

  4. Transition altitude is 2500 feet Above Aerodome Level. (You sent me 8000’)

Use this video for clarification:

Good luck and hope to see you on the team soon!

IFATC Jeffrey1o2

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Thank you! I will look into this some more! I did watch the transition video but i will watch it again! I really want to greatly increase my ATC Skills/Knowledge.


Here’s some more on assigning a transition altitude.

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Was just actually reading this lol

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I was inbound in my little fighter as PH-ADZ.

Pattern entry, enter left base runway 18R: good!
Note: remember that for 18R I had to cross multiple inbound paths. That would get you in trouble if you had multiple inbounds, cause I would be crossing their flight path.
Cleared for the option, with exit direction: make right traffic. Good!
Note: you cleared me almost immediately after my pattern entry instruction. That is fine, but just for info: it’s good practice to clear an aircraft when you’re quite sure the sequence doesn’t change anymore. So when you have many aircrafts flying patterns, and you’re not yet sure in which order you want them to land, be careful not to clear too soon.
After my takeoff you cleared me for the option. Good!
After I reported full-stop you cleared me to land. This is not needed, as you already cleared me for the option, which means you cleared me for a touch and go, or landing, or a low pass.
A Roger would have been enough.
Runway exit instruction: great!
Runway crossing: good!

Keep it up and have fun!


Thank you for the feedback!

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Do you want feedback here or in DM?

Doesnt matter. Im very thick skinned i can handle it lol


Haha nothing bad 😜
It was very brief
Transition was good, there’s alot of rw’s there. The only comment I’d make, is you put me in the pattern for the opposite runway, across the approach of all the other rw’s. I’d probably suggest using an airport with 2 parrellel rw’s, and have a plan for L/R.

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Ok, i think my next opening will be at an airport with less runways until i atleast get everything figured out. Thank you for the feedback i will keep it in mind for my next opening.

Overall great ATC outing!

Just remember to give pattern instructions when switching runways. I was cleared for TO on 18L, make right traffic but then you cleared for the option on 18R. before clearing me you should have told me to “enter right downwind runway 18R”.

Also, when I was landing 13R, you gave me a number 2 when I was downwind and the aircraft was over 15 NM out. I was doing tight patterns so you could have given me number 1 instead of the go around. (just keep tabs of how tight people keep their patterns)

Finally, the only time you tell someone to make “left/right traffic” when clearing them for the option is if they are landing on a new runway. For example, if I took off from runway 13R and you told me to make right traffic, when you clear me, just clear me for the option. No traffic instruction needed.

Great session my dude!

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Thanks I greatly appreciate this!

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I’m not sure I’d bother with that airport at all on TS, as no ATIS… Be hard to interpret you’re plan as a pilot… as I was making my way to the opposite side, Ghost Heavy, requested a rw in my direction… No-one done anything wrong… But a bit chaotic…

Agreed, thats why i didnt change yours lol i just let it be hahaha…im prolly going to open up again here in a few. If you want to come out.

The more practice the better.

Gonna open myself in abit, but will keep an eye out and stop by if I get chance 😉

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0120 Zulu - 0300zulu
Tower and Ground

Come on by for some sunshine!


2200 Zulu - 0030zulu
Tower and Ground

Come on by for the beautiful beaches and sunshine!

Pretty sure i cleared someone for takeoff a little early 🤦‍♂️

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Overall, well done. I was LN-WEA.

Except one mistake, you forgot to tell me «make left/right traffic» in my first touch and go clearance.