Flare911’s ATC Tracking Thread - [PRACTICAL PASSED]

Going to switch airports standby

Open at KRNO now

Were still open!!! Beautiful sky and amazing scenery come on by!

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Coming n561jv

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Good job!!
I didn’t notice any mistakes from my point of view :)

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I keep failing the stupid test though lol

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Have to wait till tomorrow before i can take it again. 3rd time is a charm 🤪

Great job controlling! Here’s some feedback:

  • The transition altitude you gave me was slightly low (6,500ft) as there was traffic in the pattern at 6,000ft. Try using this equation that my trainer gave me which works very well:

    • [Ground elevation + 1500 + 1000, then round to the nearest 500ft]
  • Pattern entries and sequencing were spot on, good job with that!

  • Try to condense messages: instead of saying number 2 traffic to follow is on left downwind, then saying number 2 cleared for the option right after, simply use the sequencing option when you clear someone so it’s in the same message

Overall great job controlling! Only a couple of minor issues :)

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A transition can be issue 500Ft above pattern alt to the ceiling of towers airspace

Atleast according to my IFATC recruiter

Traffic separation should always be at least 1,000ft according to the FAA. Who’s your recruiter?

Tom Grollman

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Are you IFATC yourself?

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Just looked back to my messages with him it was 500 Ft above pattern with noone else in the pattern my mistake

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I am not no

Tablet died 😂😂😂

Currently, no. However I have been threw many training sessions with my trainer and have learned a lot and was previously given similar feedback. If he doesn’t want to take my feedback because I’m not IFATC, that’s fine. I’m sure an IFATC would give similar if not the same feedback :)


Thats correct the minimum spacing between aircraft in transition and aircraft in pattern must be 1000ft, if the airport is at 600ft ASL + 2500 ft it would be 3100 you would round to 3000 if it weren’t for the spacing, but rules are rules, so in this case you would have to round to a nearest 500 which would be 3500.


So I was a bit disappointed you closed without warning. It is good form to give a 5 minute warning, etc, then a “Tower [or ground] now closed.” It was about to get interesting with 2-3 planes in the pattern.

You were spot on with just one aircraft.

The mistake you made was that you cleared jeffrey1o2 to take off when I was making R traffic for 25 and we would have collided.

Good luck with your test. To answer the question about transitions are at least 1000ft above the pattern altitude. The reason for this is that required spacing is 1000 ft so if you have a jet at 1500ft doing patterns you will clear the transition at 2500 ft. If you are at a strip that is 5000ft AGL then clear the transition for 7500 ft.


If you’re still able to, I’m opening my thread shortly if you want to stop by.

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