Flare - The High-Tech Crew Center designed for Infinite Flight

Introducing Flare

The free, fully featured crew center, designed for Infinite Flight.

Latest Release | GitHub | Demo | Patreon

Demo login:

Email: example@example.com
Password: demouser

— So what is Flare? —

Flare is the latest and greatest of crew centers, offering advanced features such as ACARS, event management, and advanced plugin support, meaning you can customise Flare every which way.

— Is it easy to install/use? —

Absolutely! We’ve designed Flare to be used by everyone, developer or not - no coding knowledge at all is required to install, and use most configuration options. We have a handy set of docs to help you get started, and if you have any more questions, feel free to contact us! We’ve even got a host of tutorials you can view here.

Please note that we will not be providing support for free web hosting, more information on hosting and what we recommend for Flare can be found here.

— How much does it cost? —

Absolutely nothing - we want it to be accessible to everyone, for all VAs, no matter their circumstances, however it is a lot of work to maintain, so we do have a Patreon page for you to donate (and get cool extra features!), but this is in no way obligatory.

— Full list of features —

  • All Basic Crew Center functionality (PIREPs, Pilots, Ranks, Fleet, Admin, etc)
  • ACARS - Automatically fetch departure, arrival, and flight time from Infinite Flight when filing a PIREP*
  • Events - Create and sign up for VA events*
  • Live Flight Map
  • Full permissions system to manage staff access
  • Multiplier codes - provide pilots with 6-digit codes to automatically apply a flight time multiplier to a PIREP
  • Native integration with VANet
  • Easily send a selection of routes to your codeshare partners with Easy Codeshare
  • Detailed Admin Dashboard
  • Import/Export Functionality - Import or Export Routes to JSON format or import from the phpVMS CSV format
  • Ability to install Plugins from a Plugins Store
  • Updater to fetch the latest updates from GitHub and install them at the press of a button
  • Simple, elegant and usable design

*Requires VANet Gold Subscription


— Testimonials —

Don’t just take our word for it! This is what one of our beta testers have said:

Flare is amazing from top to bottom. From the ability to file PIREPs with a press of a button through ACARs to integrations with Slack and Discord, there is not a single thing that the developers have forgotten. From installing Flare to having it all ready for your virtual airline or organization to use, you do not need to know a single line of code. It is extremely user friendly and easy to set up. From a staff member’s perspective, things just got a whole lot easier. You can accept or decline PIREPs with a click of a button and you can even make codeshares possible without leaving Flare! Pilots also love it because it is easy to use and does not require any effort. - @samdog27

I’ve been following the development of Flare up close and I can easily say that the developers have put an incredible amount of effort into it, and it shows. Flare is easy to install, easy to use, has a clean look and several management tools, and includes a ton of unique features, such as ACARS for Infinite Flight, event management, and easy codeshare transfers. I highly recommend you give it a try! - @Jon_H

If you’ve got anything to say about Flare, feel free to DM me, I may add it to the thread!

— Contact us —

Still need some help? Wondering if Flare is right for you? Feel free to PM myself or @KaiM on the IFC, or use one of the emails below.


Special thanks to:

@Jon_H, @samdog27 and anyone else who was involved behind the scenes, bug hunting, testing, you name it!

@Brandon_K for providing the IFVARB map


Looks good! Good luck!



I will be sure to try it out!


Finally released! Great job everyone, looking forward to using it!


@KaiM and @rebal15, you have truly put sweat and tears into Flare. Turned out amazing - great job to both of you! Looking forward to seeing Flare and VANet thrive!


Exciting release, great work Lucas and Kai


Thanks Alex! Certainly took a lot of work, but I think it was worth it ;)

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That looks really nice. Great to see you’ve made it accessible to everyone ! Great work guys 😁


Flare Version 1.0.1 Released

A new version of Flare has been released and installations can be updated through the updater - instructions here. This release contains the following changes.

  • Fixed phpVMS Import Link
  • Fixed Admin Dashboard Charts
  • Fixed Plugin Installation Issues
  • Fixed My PIREPs not showing certain PIREPs
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Flare 1.1.0 Roadmap

In an effort to maintain transparency on the development of Flare, we have released our full feature list for v1.1.0 over at GitHub. Take a look!

  • Reworked User ID system using IFC Usernames
  • Better Plugin Support
  • Pilot Notifications System [#232]
  • Ability to add Comments for Routes [#245]
  • Reworked VANet Integration using Event Handlers

We are also pleased to share our first design concept of the notifications system. Please feel free to give feedback as you see fit.


Looks amazing, hope for the best for you guys! 🙏

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Wow this looks great!

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Looks great just wondering is this a free CC ? @KaiM @rebal15

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Yep, you can get a sub tho, hosting will be your responsibility


I had started work on a cc as a hobby project. But I guess there’s no point now :-) . Great job guys…


Absolutely! (couldn’t have said it better myself @Hardlanding_Hussain). Some features (like the advanced events system) may require a paid VANet subscription. See the original post for which features in particular :)


Is it the new plugin name Notification ?

Nope, it’ll be a whole new system, integrated into Flare. The current Notifications plug-in (which can be downloaded from the plugin store within Flare) is for configuring Slack and Discord notifications :)

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I like this idea very much in this case, I think it could be a good addition for members and staff to know when a PIREP is filled and when it is accepted as well. In short I love the idea. Hope to see that’s soon on all flare Crew Center !

Can’t wait !


Pilots frustrated with spawning in to set up PIREPs? After Flare 1.1.0, pilots who are not flying anonymously and have their IFC Account linked to their IF Account will have their PIREPs set up automatically, with no action required on the pilot’s behalf.

More detailed updates are also posted on our Roadmap issue on GitHub available at the link below. Check it out!