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Hi, All -

I was wondering if I could get in contact with a developer (I circled around with the dev @rebal15 ; I worked from 2 months ago but he did not respond) Flare crew center - because my VA uses it. I have discovered some bugs with the platform.

  1. The ability to change background color is glitched - won’t let our FGVA devs switch it.

  2. Live Map (the live map is not picking up any of our aircraft) - I think IFVARB has to provide once we are approved but in the meantime it does not look operational.

Some Suggestions for Future:

  1. Better login page (I’m using Qantas VA as an example - FGVA is not endorsing Qantas VA this is just an example)

  2. Add an ability to chat/communicate: Our VA relies on this crew center, as well as a secure (password protected by bot) Discord server. It would be great if you guys could incorporate a community chatting system into the crew center.

  3. Better user account page: You guys should add a page specifically for account details as well as profile pictures, and etc.

  4. Better designs in general on all pages: Overall, you guys should work more on detail and design for the whole crew center. I love it so much, but I think these changes are essential to this cc succeeding and FGVA continuing to use it.

Have a nice day.




Hello! I’ve been on exam leave for a while, so please excuse me if I seem as though I’ve ignored you.

All of your ideas have been noted, thank you.

In regards to the IFVARB Live Map, yes, you will need to be approved before this works.

I’ll PM you with some more information regarding your suggestions 🙂



No worries! All good.

Ok, thanks!

Yeah these editions would be amazing. The faster they are added the more people will use (and the crew center would be so much cooler)

Whilst some of these might not be appearing in the near future, Flare is completely open source, so you are free to modify it however you please. Custom CSS (styling) is also supported 🙂

I would like to add on that flare is a crew center, not a chatting system. They are not meant to be discord, and therefore they have a place where you can integrate discord via webhooks. The team is also in the process of making VANet 2.0 and planning, which will have some special cool feature that are a secret for now, but we will reveal them when the time is right.

This could be worked on in 2.0. I’ll pitch it to the team. W

The login page is not an integrated page like qantas, it’s just a page as to where you put your password in, and you’re done.

Make sure you are on the latest version, if that dosent work, you can do it directly in the raw code of the system. I can help you if you need.

It will work once your VA is approved as it connects to IFVARB API.


Do you know any developer’s out there that could possibly do that for us? Like customize login screen?

Hi there! I’m glad to see your passion for these crew centers. I don’t know much about the crew centers specifically but I can tell a few reasons why your features are not in crew centers. First I’ll start with live chat any time you have a live chat running it requires a special device to run that type of server and a strong wifi connection. Most of the crew centers are independently hosted by the airlines. I work for American West where our crew center is hosted through one of the staffs own computer. Second thing is any UI (user interface) is a comprehensive project they take time and require special skills to make. Especially one streaming data from another service. This also can make it harder to host independently.


Ah I see. Thanks for the input - that makes it easier to understand. Yeah our crew center right now is amazing. The only problem is this one bug we came across with the white color background. We need someone to help us fix haha.

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Hey! I’m the primary developer of Flare, so hopefully I can provide some insight into what would have to happen for what you’re suggesting.

This is not a bug. It’s possible to update it, just difficult because if you set the theme color to white and the text color to white (and the background is white) you can’t see the button. If you don’t believe this is the case please send me your CC URL.

We’re aware of this and we’re in the process of developing our own solution as the previous system of going through the IFVARB no longer works.

I agree. Flare wasn’t built to be pretty - it was built to work. I designed the core UI for Flare a year ago almost exactly, and at the time I was not as good at UI/UX as I am now. That being said, a major goal we’re working towards with Flare is the ability to have themes. They’ll be like plug-ins, you’ll be able to install them from the plug-in store but they’ll completely change the layout and look of Flare. Unfortunately there is some major refactoring required to do this and we’re still in the planning stage, simply because this is a massive undertaking.

Yeah… no. Sorry. Discord is a platform that has years of continual development and refinement up its sleeve, and has more features and a more dedicated team than I could ever get for Flare, not to mention significantly more income. Flare is a Crew Center and supports the long-standing system of using a chat platform (Discord/Slack) for communication and a Crew Center (Flare/phpVMS) for flight logging and other operational functions.

This kind of ties into the theming one. The way Flare was built was pretty bad, if I’m honest. With our current system, designing and coding a new page takes a good 2 days of work simply because of the amount of overhead and repeated code. When we rework everything with themes this will be easier.

See theming section above 🙂

Overall, please just understand that these things take time. We messed up when we first built Flare - we know that and unfortunately we (and VAs using it) are seeing the downsides of that now. But just to use the example of theming again, here’s all the things I have to consider (off the top of my head, there’s probably more).

  • Variety of hosts - some may not support nicer looking URLs
  • The updater - One of the most important features of Flare is the updater. However the way it’s built means that a major update could very easily go wrong if even one thing is slightly incorrect. There’s no practical way to improve on this either.
  • Broken links - Because all the URLs are changing, it may cause some issues if we don’t keep the old URLs up

However, despite all that, I urge you to look on the bright side. Flare has issues, but it also the only Crew Center built specifically for IF, with a free option, and with an active support team and developers. What we’ve seen is that pilots like a nice UI, but they will put up with a bad one, especially if they really like a VA. We hear these sorts of things somewhat regularly, but it doesn’t stop people using Flare because it works, it has support, it has a community, and they know the developers know about the issues, and want them fixed as well.

Feel free to DM me if you have any further questions.


Sure thing. I think @CaptainZac is helping as well. So just reach out to him he has all the info I provided.

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Yeah Flare is a spectacular CC and outstanding. Not doubting it it’s ability at all. Just wondering if we could fix a small issue - nothing big haha.

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Hi @KaiM - is there a way to retrieve forgotten passwords or access the database to change passwords for members?

Yes - install the Security plugin which can be used to reset passwords.

Thank you!

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