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Hey All,

I want to personally thank @rebal15 and @KaiM for creating probably the most reliable, easy to use, and outstanding crew centers I have ever seen. As you know my VO is in the certification process and almost done soon. We just launched our new crew center this morning with flare. It is so outstanding and it really has taken FGVA to a whole new level of awesomeness. Without them, my VO would not have gotten to where it is now and I really wanted to say this to any VA/VO out there looking for a CC. It will be a mistake not using flare as a crew center. Thats all I have besides we are accepting applications haha. Thanks all for your time.

Have a nice night everyone :)

Chief Executive Officer | Fly Global Virtual Airlines

Some pics of the FGVA CC! (The callsign displayed on my account is Quantium due to the fact that our VO will fly under that callsign)

(Forgot to mention my PIREP logs show only AA flights we are not AAVA I just did a lotta flights with AA livery because I just like American Airlines).

(Pilots who apply to FGVA will receive their own account on this cc and be able to use many features! Apply on our website (Click here)

Like seriously this is such an epic cc how did @rebal15 and kai do it lol like I just can’t wrap my head around this good of a cc. Thank you rebal and kai for creating this amazing cc I can’t say it enough. :)


This Crew Center looks amazing! SPC is headed towards Flare!

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