Flare Angles

Hi there, I just wan’t to clear up the problems with “flaring” the aircraft. These are what I think the angles of flare and touchdown speeds are. All aircraft are with a load of 50 percent

GA E.g C172, C208: Approx touchdown speed 60-65knts flare: 3-4 degrees.
Single isle E.g 737-800, A321: Approx touchdown speed 130-135knts flare: 5-6 degrees
Wide body E.g 77W, A330: Approx touchdown speed 77W; 135-140knts A330; 120-125knts flare 77W; 3-4 degrees A33/40 4-5 degrees


The more ground clearance, the higher the flare in degrees. As a general rule.

Nope, that’s not very accurate.
The narrow bodies don’t exceed 4°, while the widebodies don’t exceed 5°.

A330/340’s have a very high rate of flare.

Nope, max 5° also for the A330 and A340.
It looks more due to their steeply tilting landing gears.

Aghh thanks, I’ll change it.


7deg. pitch angle for the A330 during flare?

Where did you get these information?

Changed it, but when I touch down with the 330, my wheels hit the ground at 120-125knts.

737-800 is much smoother at 140+

Above 50% load that is.

Well someone give us accurate info!!

At least someone appreciates it!

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Degrees are measured on the HUD screenemphasized text

Could someone please explain the concept of flare again? Isn’t that a upwards movement of the aircraft right before touchdown?

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Oh ok. How is this accomplished then?

By pulling the nose up at about 30ft for single isles and 50ft for widebodys. The FPV (flight path vector) will and should rise to accomplish a smooth landing

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Ok thanks for this info, I will now be able to perform better landings :D