I’m currently starting a “personal project” at my school. That means a research project about a topic you are interested in. I chose to do flaps. To make my presentation top notch, I wanted to create a little video game that shows the importance of flaps, but I’m not sure how I can make it. Any suggestions?


Maybe use IF for demonstrating the flaps on takeoff and landing? Here’s a little picture to help you:

Source: http://avstop.com/ac/flighttrainghandbook/wing.html


Thanks, the problem is, I think it might be a little complicated considering I will attempt to explain flaps to 3rd graders.


@samdog27 if your explaining it to 3rd graders, then you could simply say that the more that the flaps are extended, the easier it is to fly at low speeds. eg: takeoff and landing. Here’s the simplest video I found about flaps:

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Thanks for the help!

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Use diagrams to explain how it helps aircraft fly etc and you could even use IF to demonstrate how it works on an aircraft

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Also show what would happen if you land at your normal speed and don’t use flaps

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This is more to do with the wings, etc… however explain how flaps cause drag and create lift…

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Thanks everyone!


Good luck on your presentation, I will try to send you some schemes or pictures to help you!
Enjoy the day.

You said 3rd graders right, you could introduce the idea that:

  • Aeroplanes could change the shape of its wings in the air, while flying!

  • When it needs to go very fast, its wings look small and skinny, this is so that air don’t get in the way. (Demonstrate air blowing through chopstick, show a Concorde as well).

  • When it needs to go very slow, an aeroplane’s wings could grew larger! Another piece of wing comes out, its called the flaps. (Demonstrate by blowing on a wider piece of material like a card, and show that gracious pic of the bald eagle landing with its 2.3 meter flaps extending wide beneath, and also show a similarity with a 747 full extended flaps).

  • A physical game would probably be using paper-fold airplanes, one slim the other wider, and demonstrate how these two will fly differently (fast vs slow).

  • Dunno maybe the above could inspire you to make that video game, it must be simple though… Because they’re 3rd graders.


Maybe to help them focus on the game by adding a purpose, to get from point A to point B to go to their own birthday party and arrive in time just right to blow the candles, or crash (Arrives faster without flaps but crashed, arriving just right using the wings combo config, or arrived late using flaps all the way)?

Hope that helps, cheers!


Here’s some links for you!
This shows many modern airliners flap/high lift system designs including iirc the 727 which had a revolutionary flap system for short field performance.


This is a smaller primer on high lift systems

Hope that helps!

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Or, controllably broken…

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Thanks so much! I never thought about adding a purpose to the game.

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Thanks for the help, the more links the better!

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Yeah its to help carry some of the kids’ focus on top of a layer of engineering subject beneath :D

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