Flaps up after takeoff

when do you exacly gotta put your flaps up after takeoff how do they do that in real life? i have always wondered that


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3000-5000 AGL… It’s when they don’t need the extra lift anymore. :)

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ok and what do you mean with lift then when they dont need the speed? or VS?

Flaps lift the plane at a low level of speed making it easier to ascend and slower to descend

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When the aircraft no longer needs the use of the flaps i.e. to ensure that the aircraft doesn’t lose altitiude because flaps are only used so that it can keep climbing/flying while still at a relatively low speed.

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ah! ok so if i am like at 4000 feet and 210 knots can i put my flaps up then?

High speed = less flaps
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Couldn’t make understand you the second time. lol

Yeah, it depends on what plane but for example on IF I fly the 787 series a lot now and I retract flaps at around 3000-4000ft and 210 knots airspeed. I don’t retract them any sooner than 205-210 in order to avoid a stall. This is based on the flaps 15 setting.


It also depends on speed restrictions in real life.

yeah i fly that 787-9 klm a lot too:D so have always putted my flaps up at 7000-9000 feet when i was starting to go above 10000 feet to speed up

That’s way too high. lmao

Also just put the first percentage of flaps, that is needed due to your aircraft weight. I see lot of people put full flaps for takeoff and I’m like (e.o)

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That’s too high to have flaps on. You should be at a high enough airspeed by that point so that your aircraft shouldn’t need them anymore. Personally if I were you, I’d try and retract them 3000-4000ft and with 205-210 knots airspeed (as I said above) with flaps 15 (in a heavy aircraft). However, if fly your planes on IF lighter, then you might want to change that to a lower airspeed.

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AAHHAHAHA yeah but can i like put my flaps at 15 for takeoff in my 787 and then i takeoff and then i like go to 4000 feet and then put flaps 5 and then climb to 5000 and put flaps 1 and then 6000 all the way up or do i have to do it like when i am at 5000 feet flaps all the way up?

because below 10000 feet you gotta stay below 250 knots

If you’ve achieved 210 kts then yes, retract fully.

That’s your job - just set the AP to 250 after retracting flaps. This way there’s no chance of you getting speeding violations.

Once you are above 4,000 FT and have reached an airspeed of 200 KTS or greater.

at 250 below 10000 feet?