Flaps tutorial (landing) recommendations

Anybody have something they can recommend for this?

What ive looked at so far when searching just looks like a load of random different opinions etc. Anybody have a video tutorial, or something from a reputable member of the IF community on how to use flaps on approach and landing.

Loads of diagrams people upload etc mention when to lower the flaps in terms of position of approach, but they don’t account for the speed ATC may be vectoring you in at. In some cases you get told to reduce speed to 200knots well above 1-2000ft (but ive seen people mention flaps should only be reduced below this altitude? - so im slightly confused all of a sudden). If i don’t start lowering my flaps at this point im horribly pitched up.

Anybody have something they used to master this art?


When considering this, I look up real world procedures and always find something.

This will work for all Boeing aircraft.


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Try to use the ILS approach system, start practising in solo mode. My recommendation. Possibly get a joystick. All of those can help. I don’t see flaps affecting the climb rate in infinite flight. Just reduce the stall speed.

Is this stating flaps are lowered based on your position, not your speed? Just that i don’t see any speeds mentioned.

Usually if im at the ‘approaching intercept heading’ point lets say at 3000ft, and told by ATC to not exceed 200kts which is fairly common even earlier than this stage, if i hadn’t already dropped the flaps down id be pitching up horribly.

It’s mostly common sense. It’s an art and a science meaning it’s up to you. In the article it states, “Fly the most economical speed.” Obviously you won’t be deploying flaps to 30° when going 300kts. Use a little bit of common sense and a lot of it is based on feeling it out. If your on approach and not getting enough lift, either deploy flaps one more notch or speed up. It’s as simple as that. Gauge the speed based on where you are on approach. You shouldn’t be going 200kts at short final in most planes or 130kts 25 miles out.

Just use a little common sense and you’ll be completely fine

Can i ask, what exactly are these for?

The flap limits on the side answer your question. You have already made another topic on this and recieved this link multiple times. It’s not that hard… that is as fats as you can go with the flaps lowered that much.

Again, its mostly just common sense…

You’ve been playing the sim for 5 years, im not surprised you can call it common sense now. Think about it from a novices perspective maybe.

Ive only received that link once, unsure where you pulled out that and most your previous statements from. If you don’t have an answer to the questions i posed id rather you didn’t comment than state ‘its just common sense’.

By common sense I mean you have to get a feel for it. Maybe try landing the same plane 20 times. (only takes an hour.) I’m sure Max (he knows aviation really well) would be happy to answer some questions about this if you PM him. @Maxmustang

You already made a topic about this that many people saw. I’m pretty sure the answers you got there are the best you’re going to get.

Can you signpost me to the multiple topics ive made on this then instead, i can only find one asking for a reference source for flaps speeds.

This topic here:

Which some of the most aviation-saavy people on the forum answered.

You mentioned multiple, and i said thats the only one i could find. Are there any others or did you just mention multiple for the fun of it? I hope your replies boosted your trust level or whatever you aimed to get out of commenting such nonsense. Advising this is all common sense is greatly appreciated :)

I admit I made a mistake, I am sorry. I either saw another post from a different user or thought I saw yours twice. Anyway, making comments that offend people are certainly not how I want to become a higher trust level (not that I even do…) I suggest you check out your one other thread because your question has been answered there. If you would like to debate my wording any more, please take it to PM and I’d be more than happy to apologise again.

Anyway, have you PMed @Maxmustang yet like I suggested?

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@n587kk the community tutorials are probably the best start. There are some good ones for the newer aircraft in the fleet especially the Takeoff/Landing tutorials. I found a few older topics that have some decent info too:

And then another one for speedy prop aircraft:

Hope this helps out! Levet