Flaps speed

I just wonder if the flaps speed is airspeed or groundspeed.

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That’s normally airspeed (not sure about this specific table, but airspeed would be the right choice most likely). This is also valid for the table in the A320family flight deck.

This is a330 flaps. Forgot to say

It’s airspeed and maximums.
Try 3000 ft / 210 kts / at 1 dot above glide: flaps 1
Reduce power (12% for A321)
200/195 kts: flaps 2
180 kts (around 2000 ft): gear down (you can set your trim at this time)
170 kts: flaps 3
155 kts: flaps FULL
Raise power to reach your landing speed (142 kts for A321).
This comes from a Fighters/A320/A330/A350/A380 pilot and it resolved all my problems with A321.

For A380 it’s flaps 2 at 1 dot above glide!


Thx and thanks for the quick reply!

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Here’s a good guide on all limitations for the A320 (works for the whole 32X family)


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