Flaps shaking while using reverse thrust/braking.

Hi guys! This may be something hard to ask for, especially with the developers hard at work bringing us future updates but I believe that after touchdown, when the flaps start shaking due to the reverse thrust and bumpy runway, it could easily make it very realistic. I know it would be hard to add this, and I’m not asking for it, I just want to see what this great community has to think about this possibly being added in the next few years!
• If you don’t know what I mean, I will provide a link to a video I took while landing on a Jetblue A320 in KFLL after a 3 hour flight from KBUF.
• Some of you may wonder if this only occurs when an A319/320/321 lands and is in the process of slowing down, but other aircraft have the shaking on the flaps (and even the spoilers) when slowing down on the runway.
Thank you for your time! Like I said, this would be hard and a lot to ask for, which is why it’s in the feature requests because this could not be added at all but who knows. Our developers are hard at work everyday so maybe in the future they will add this. I just want your opinion. The example is in the video below and please keep in mind, the 319/320/321 series aren’t the only aircraft out there that has shaking flaps when breaking! Cheers everyone!
Update I could not upload the video, so here is a link to what I mean that shows an example of this feature request.

Sounds interesting… You wouldn’t be able to see it though right? Remember to vote for it yourself though :)

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I’m sorry but what do you mean by you wouldn’t be able to see it? Here is a link providing a real world example of what I mean. Make sure to watch the flaps rightly 2 seconds after touchdown, and especially when reverse thrust starts. I hope this video works! Let me know if it does please I had to hurry up and upload it to youtube. Thank you!

Perhaps if they can’t make this happen, they could show the Leading edge/Krueger flaps on the 747’s retracting during reverse thrust.

Examples here:

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we might as well also add the aircraft shaking while speed brakes are out.


Looking back at this this could be great now that live replay is out