Flaps Question

What is the setting “1+F” on some airplanes? And what is it used for? All help is appreciated.


Correct me if I’m wrong but…

Flaps 1 should be just slats on long haul Airbus aircraft. 1+F only adds the first notch of flaps.


That is all correct!

So Flaps 1 is just extending the slats to the first notch and Flaps 1+F is extending the slats to the first notch as well as adding flaps to the first position? I am confused.

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Yep, that is correct.

Okay. Can you answer the second question as well? What is Flaps 1+F used for?

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You said it :^)

No I’m talking about if it’s used for takeoff or slowing down, etc.

1+F is used for take-off in most cases, unless you are EXTREMELY heavy, then flaps 2 is used. Flaps 1 is never used for take-off


Okay thanks for the help.

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Thank you. I have one more question. If Flaps 1 isn’t used for takeoff then what’s it used for?

Usually, slowing down the aircraft on approach.


When you are approaching an airport and your airspeed is slowly down so you use it to generate more lift as the wings aren’t generating enough at the speed you are at

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Okay thanks for all your help everyone!

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No worries! We are all happy to help

Slats aren’t really for slowing it down per say. That’s what spoilers do. They are there to give the plane extra lift just like flaps when you are slowing down. Like @Lud_d said.


Fun fact - it’s technically a semi-automatic system!
In reality, the 1+F option doesn’t exist as a gate on the flap lever. It is selected via the Flap 1 option.
As others have pointed out, 1+F is used for takeoff. The aircraft will automatically deploy the flaps (i.e. the +F) using ground logic when you select Flap 1 for takeoff. It therefore will not deploy the +F part in flight due to there being no weight on the wheels.

Unfortunately this system is not modelled in Infinite Flight, presumably due to coding difficulty. That’s why the ‘1+F’ option exists there. Perhaps one day though, after all it does add a bit of depth to the Airbus systems.


No but, on the setting of 1, the flaps move a bit… so, I get confused when that happens.

Same, I have noticed the Flaps 1 position moves the flaps a little as well.

Flaps one is used for holding as it only extends the slats. Flaps 1+F is used for takeoff.