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Had a little question which I couldn’t find that answer too anywhere. When retracting/extending flaps on the a350 or any other aircraft do you skip 1+F?

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1+F is only used when retracting from 2, or during takeoff.

During landing, you would go straight from 1 to 2, skipping 1+F.


okay thanks!

Topic can be closed now:)

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do you know the flap extension speeds by any chance?

can’t find those either

Just to clarify I am asking for this as I cannot find an application to calcualte F/S speeds for me as infinitefmc doesn’t have the a350 as an option yet

Here you go: http://www.janpolet.nl/infinite-flight-aircraft-information/

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Flap speeds depend on the weight of aircraft and many other surrounding factors. Try searching up a flap speed calculator on Google

Already tried

Those are limits.

If you can’t remember the limits in flight they are written in the cockpit, near the central display screens and just below the glareshield.

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The 1 - 1+F movement is, as far as I understand, usually done automatically by the aircraft systems.

Not in IF.

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Correct. But IF is not real life.

Yes and the question is to do with IF, not real life

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