Flaps placing while coming in to land b787

In B737
250kts- 215kts = Flaps 1* 2* 5*
210 kts = 10*
200kts = 15*
190kts = 20*
180kts = 25* …

And i dont know how use flaps i B777 and B787
Help :)

787 has flap speeds to the left top of the yoke.

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I know. I dont see that. My graphik on tab its not good :)

Can you go to very high in solo and have everything else low and screenshot it?

I think there is some confusion over what the two lists are which have been posted for the 737 flap speeds.

The one posted by @Kris are the flap extension limits, i.e the speed at which you can set that level of flaps without worrying about breaking them. As soon as you get under 250 kts you could set up to flaps 5. These flap extension limits are on the placard below the gear lever in the cockpit.

In reality you don’t set the flaps as soon as you reach the flap extension limits, there would be no need to do so. The list @Lare posted is a typical flap extension schedule, i.e. when you might expect to set that level of flaps on the approach. Obviously these are much lower than the limit speeds.


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