Flaps on Landing?

Is it me or am I the only one who doesn’t use flaps when landing. Only time I use it is for take off or when I’m on autopilot and I use flaps to leve out my aircraft? When using flaps when landing if completely races your nose making you stall so I’m confuse how that works? Help

You have to slow down to use flaps or else you go too fast and gain altitude.

If it push up your nose when using flaps…you going simply to fast!


Flaps allow you to fly at lower speeds, while not stalling. It is improper to not use them on landing. They will not raise your nose up if you deploy them at a low enough speed. I would try to get used to using them.

The point of flaps are to give you extra lift so you can fly at lower speeds. If your nose is rising then you’re using them incorrectly because you’re coming in too fast


Okay thank you! At what speed should I be at to start setting my flaps?

It depends on the plane. Jest tell me your most used plane an ill help.

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Thank you thank you! I always use the a319…

Unfortunately not everyone is an expert, at least they’re asking for help so they can learn


…why you should do that on PG or FF?
How them supposed to learn? He is asking, so it looks to me like he wants to know…better thatn the people who just trolling and annoying others…


YouTube planespotting vid + IF solo mode.

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+real life. All of us have travelled by plane and seen how the landing process is.

yes but when you sit in the back of a plane you don’t know how fast / alt / DTG for setting correct speeds / flaps etc.

There used to be really great vid on You tube which followed the crew of a Virgin B747 on a full flight from LHR - SFO, had multiply camera angles and the Capt talked to camera a lot to explain procedures, speed used etc for the whole flight. Film was 6 x 15 min vids which covered from just before push back till reaching cruise level and then again from TOD until parking brake on. Shame its no longer on YouTube otherwise would post the links!

to the OP, as a rule of thumb for landing heavy aircraft I follow the following procedures, they change slightly from aircraft to aircraft but as a starting point it should help then as you get more experience you can refine it yourself!

From Cruise at FL320, M0.78 (for an Airbus)

DTG 100 NM, set Speed to M0.69, ALT to 12000 and VS -2500

below FL280 set speed to 260Kts

DTG 42nm, set speed to 240kts, ALT to 6000 and VS -2500 (above 10000 and VS -1500 below 10000).

DTG 24NM Set Speed to 220kts, ALT to 3000 and VS -1500, Flaps 1

DTG 12nm, Speed to 180 kts, ALT to 1500 and VS -500, Flaps 3, Gear down, Spoilers Armed.

Then as you capture the ILS you follow it down, slowing down to about 145kt ALT of about 100ft for crossing the threshold.

Of course above is very rough way of doing it, as you get more practice you will gain more experience and find out what works for you. Remember to follow ATC instructions and have the weight on your aircraft set to MLW!

Happy landings


From what I understand, flaps help reduce speed. Also, if you don’t use them you gain altitude

Flaps reduce speed and increase lift so a plane can land slower. You can gain altitude using flaps or not.

Start your decent earlier. Also check your weight and reduce the fuel amount as well.

Or gain it slower when taking off.

I used 280kts.

You need flaps check this tutorial: