Flaps Moving speed and Sound

For the next update, I suggest developers to fix 2 issues about Flaps:

1- Flaps extension and retraction has no sound when engines are off

2- Moving speed of flaps are not as similar as the real world. In fact when Flaps move from one position to their next close position (eg. in A320 from 3 to Full or 3 to 2) speed looks normal but if you want to retract flaps from Full position to 0 position (as all of you know, pilots retract flaps completely after landing), it moves very fast and this is not as similar as the real world. In the other word, in IF retracting or extending flaps from 0 to Full takes as long as retracting from one position to its next close position.
I tested this issue on almost all of IF planes that all of them have this defect.

I believe it is not that difficult for developers to be solved.

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