Flaps "Killing" the plane

this just stated happening

I put my flaps down like an normal person
one at a time

put for somereason, i have been doing that, and 2 times were the planes almost died

1, I was coming in for an approach, and when i droped the flaps from 3 to Full
the planes nose pitched up to 25 degress!
I do not have the replay bc i delete all my replays to save save space on my phone

and it happened 2 times!

what is going on? flaps should help the plane, not kill it

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If your putting down the flaps too much at too high speed, this will happen.
So… slow down.


However, i put flaps Full at 150 knots
that is the thing

Depending on your weight and which model we’re talking about, i can see that happening.

Which plane? 150 is alright in an A350 or larger, but is smaller A320 for example… not so much.
(I use 135-140 in an A320 for full flaps)

alright, i was close the the MLW
around 7,000 KG away

And this was a A320
and the second time was a 787 around 20,000 away from MLW

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I can’t reproduce it at all.

It does pitch up a bit initially if you’re on autopilot. But that’s expected since the lift increased and the AP needs to adjust itself. Manually, i can’t get it at all.

Would need a screen recording of this happening :)

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ok, if it happens again, i will send you the replay and the time stamp!

I would prefer screen recording tbh.
The reason for this is because the replay only shows so much, but not the things we need to see to know more :)

for some reason, If i upload a screen recording
it says that i do not have permission to upload this
but i will try :)

Upload to YouTube/Vimeo or similar and link it in a post, that works :)


ok, will do!

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Yea i noticed that… Flaps full on an A350 would increase the left thus pitch up and ruin the glide slope interception… The aircraft then pitches too down to intercept the G/S which makes the approach unrealistic… IRL such things are compensated by an automatic trim I believe so you can’t notice it but here I believe you have to trim down a little bit (not too much) to compensate for this pitch up…

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