Flaps Issue

When I takeoff with around flap5 or15, it doesn’t retract fully:( Does anyone have this bug or is it just me?


What exactly is your issue? Can you elaborate further? Can you send screenshots or perhaps a video?


And on what aircraft are you referring to? More details are required :)

From my experience it is b787 and md11

Are you saying after you rotate (lift off the ground) your flaps stay in place? If so, that’s normal. You have to bring them back to 0.


I fly with ipad wich is at home so when school finishes I’ll:)

When i bring back flaps to 0 it stays around flap1or2 position

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Ok, this seems like corrupt files, when you get home from school try re-installing your app or re-starting the device.


Weird? Does it show as Flaps 1 in the box, or it just looks that way on the aircraft?

It just looks that way.

Ok:) I’ll do that and hope fully it fixes it!!


So 1: image

Or 2:

When you look it from the wing view!!

It’s from the wing view:)

Maybe it’s just wing flex. I’m not sure.

I’ll post pictures around three hours later:)


This was a 787-9 BTW

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Yup! I guess It’s 1degree:)

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Seem’s more of a visual issue on your end, you can not tell the difference between 1 degree of flap and 0. Nothing wrong here then, enjoy the rest of your day and do great in school.

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Thanks!! I’ll do just that:)