Flaps issue (idk what category this goes to)

I noticed this in the new update of IF, but when the engines are off, the flaps don’t make any sound, yet they still go down, it is only until the engines begin to roar when you can hear the flaps. Let me know if this done on purpous, or if it was just a minor issue.

They have always been like that have they not?

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I don’t know, I just recently noticed it, it’s kind of annoying because I like to put my flaps down to 1-5 before pushback and engine start.

If you turn your volume up all the way to can sort of hear them…

This has always been like this. Not exactly sure why since it would make the sound irl. Not much of an issue.

It may of been an accidental volume link paired with engine start, as the engine gets louder, the volume of flaps increases.

Possibly. It’s been like this since the launch of global. So it definitely shouldn’t be a bug.

You could post this in the features section.

He is TL1 so he is unable to. When he reaches TL2 then he can post.

Might I ask why?? IRL (and probably the whole of the IF Expert Server) pilots put their flaps (for takeoff) down once they have completed pushback and the engines are started and everything looks good with them.


Yes AFAIK IRL flaps are put down after the engines have been started, believe this as the hydraulic system is usually powered by the generators connected to the engines rather than the APU.


Exactly I can confirm this, though I know of a C172 series who has electric powered flaps I think… let me Google it

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Known. Thanks for your attention to detail! 🙂