Flaps indicator on 737 EICAS

hey everyone! i recently found out that the reworked 737 cockpit has the flaps indicator on the eicas (1st image) but it actually never shows the flaps on there because the little gauge shows it already (2nd image). it’s really annoying imo and it would be cool if that would be fixed in the future!


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Hi! Feel free to make a feature request if you think it should be added.

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nothing should be added. the indicator on the eicas should be removed

should i really make a feature request instead?

People are so busy flying the 777, they probably haven’t noticed the Hydraulics page on the 737 works :)


Ah I noticed that earlier when descending into Fukuoka. Absolutely stunning work!


The 737 does have the second one…

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i know. i just want the flaps in the eicas to be removed so that we can look at the gauge instead

Oh, okay. I see now :)

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