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New to this game and loving it!!!

What should my flaps be for the 737 on takeoff and landing? Been experimenting with different combinations and can’t seem to nail it.


This maybe helpful -


Usually, I use 5 degrees flaps when takeoff. And I use Full Flaps (40 degrees) for Final Approach and landing


I use 15degree for takeoff if planes weight is heavy and 40 for final approach

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Depending on your config and airlines FCOM, you might land with either flap 30 or flap 40. Most land with flap 30.

For takeoff, flaps 5 is the most popular. If you’re light, flap 1 – if you’re heavy you CAN go to flap 15, but that’s quite rare…

As for other procedures to extend realism – gear should at all times be down BEFORE you extend from F5 to F15. F10 is almost never used. Then you can extend from F15 to F30. No need to go through all steps.


Look at this 737-800 flap speed schedule. These speeds state the ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM speed which you can have the flaps extended. Normally you would subtract all of these speeds with 10-15 knots, to have a safe Vfe.



Welcome to the Community, Daniel!

Very glad to hear that you are enjoying Infinite Flight. Here you can start topics about Infinite Flight and aviation related stuff, and receive support! If you have any questions, feel free to ask!


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No sure where you have got this from but this isn’t correct for a 737-800 - it almost looks like the flap limits from a 737 classic?

The flap limits for 1-5 inclusive is 250 KIAS. Also F15 is 200 KIAS, F30 is 175 KIAS, and F40 is 162 KIAS. Alternate flaps extension limit is 230 KIAS.

I agree though they are maximum limits - and you wouldn’t be putting flaps out at those limits.

Ouch, saw that now. My bad!

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Hello, welcome to the forum, glad to know your loving the game, I do too! Just wait for the global update.

I typically use flaps 15 for take off, and 25-30 when landing, only on very short runways do I use flaps 40. This is the way I fly with the 737, if you need any other help regarding other stuff, feel free to give me a shout.

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F15 for a 737NG is only used in non-normal situations - i.e. when something has broken and the QRH tells you to plan for F15. It isn’t a flap setting normally used for landings.

I wasn’t clear about that sentence, I meant Take off, sorry.

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