Flaps for takeoff and landing

What steps should my flaps be for takeoff and landing because for takeoff I use 1 step before full and for landing I use 2 steps before full.

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Well, it all depends on the aircraft.

With Airbus aircraft, I tend to do 1-2 notches of flaps, and then land full.

For Boeing, 5-10 notches is reasonable, once again landing with full flaps.

The majority of it is just personal preference, and it all depends on weight, trim, length of the runway, and just what you prefer.


I would say this as true for all Boeing aircraft except the 737 family, where 30 degree flaps is best, unless the runway is really short or the weather has strong winds, in that case 40 degrees is good for landing.


Thought it was 10-15?

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