Flaps During Climb

Quite the interesting question you have here! Flaps are one of those subjective things that vary from aircraft to aircraft. We all know that aircraft taxis at about 20 knots, we all know that aircraft put there gear down on final, but flaps have a lot of conditions that make them what they are. The coolest part of having an Aviation Community of 40,000 people is that someone can help you answer that question! Community Moderator DeerCrusher who is also a real-life airline pilot says this:

“Flap speeds do not have any correlation with speed limits below 10,000ft. I personally will takeoff with Flaps 2. After I gain sufficient airspeed to reduce flaps, I will do so. Flaps 1 only extends the leading slats. By the time I hit 240kts, my flaps are at Flaps 0”

Community Member @Jan made a really cool website where you can click any aircraft and it will give you statistics such as maximum flap speeds, MOTW, and more. Check it out below!

There have been a ton of really awesome topics that can help with this situation. One of the most recent is this one below. This topic was made by fellow community members to show off the landing and takeoff flaps for almost all the aircraft, Check it out!

I hope one or more of these links help you! They certainly helped me become a more professional pilot!