Flaps at take-off (Boeing 787-10)

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On: Hey guys, because of my last topic I got another question.
I’m currently using the Boeing 787-10 and my question is:

  1. How much flaps do I need for take-off when I’m just under the MLW (I guess it was exactly MLW or like 500kg under the MLW)
  2. How much flaps do I need for take-off when I’m like in between of the MLW and the MTOW?
  3. How much flaps do I need for take-off when I’m just under the MTOW (like exactly the MTOW or like 500kg under the MTOW)

And again, I really appreciate any help! :)


I use 5* for long runways 15* for short


It’s hard to estimate since boeing has not released any official figures for the 787-10.


Yeah that’s true but surely some people in the community have tested the 787-10 and know what flaps settings are best for take-offs :)

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I use 15’ for heavy flights and 5’ for lighter and shorter flights

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Flap setting is pretty much irrelevant if you don’t factor in D-Rating the engines as well.

As a rule of thumb, if there are no climb out restrictions, and the runway is in excess of 3000m then use F5 and restrict the take off thrust. If there are height limits on the departure path for noise, terrain, airspace clearance etc. or if the runway is <3000m then use F15 and full CLB power.

In the real world the engines are the expensive bits and you want to save where you can so draggy F15 take offs are to be avoided where possible!!! F5 with a healthy D-Rate on the engine will gain you the engineers ever lasting love!!! ;)


Dont you mean <3000m?

I use flaps 15 for takeoff and flaps full for landing

Yep, thank you.

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