Flaps and gear glitch

Mid flight my landing gear and flaps came down I was flying AFK overnight so I don’t know how this could happen and yes I remember gear and flaps after I take off.

Pls help me

I have personally never had this happen to me, unless someone accidentally touched your device during the night. It’s possible for you to have accidentally touched your device, or for your device to have registered a touched if the screen was left facing down.


You may or may not have touched your device while asleep

I have done it once and I was delayed for 3 hours because I accidentally turned off my ipad while sleeping

Just check the replay, and see if you really did remember gear and flaps after take off.

Also, make sure another IF related app was not active, for example, I know that some apps give failures to the sim, and probably lowering the gear is one of these failures.

I think you should check the replay, and make sure you retracted the gear and flaps. If you did, then it’s likely that the game might have considered something touching your device screen as a touch and if your device was facing down during the flight, that probably explains why.

Bruh, I literally said that

its what I think happened too :/

I’m just joking with you

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Lol I’m just saying. But I actually think that that is why his gear and flaps got lowered

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