Flaps after takeoff

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Was just wondering when should I retract my flaps for an aircraft (A359)? When a I pass a certain altitude or something? And what should my climbing speed be >2000ft?

Thanks! PS: Assume it’s an A359.

At around 190 or so knots, that’s when the flaps go up for me.

As for climbing speed, around 3000-2500fpm.

I referenced from here. Watch this if you want to know how the pros take off 😉


No really climbing FPM for the speed (knots) :)

I would put my flaps up 2 min or 5 min after takeoff

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You can use this website to calculate your flap retraction speeds, although it is limited to the A320, B737, A321 and one of the Embraers.
The website says that the A350 and A330 is coming soon!

That‘s a bit late for me. I always retract them when passing 200kts IAS.

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Do u use cockpit view or HUD view

Unless I have a calculated flap speed from a resource such as the website mentioned earlier or a community tutorial, I normally retract my flaps based on my FPV (the little circle that tells u exactly where ur going for those who don’t know)

So basically as your airspeed increases, your FPV will move higher up towards the attitude indicator. Once it gets close, I retract the flaps by a notch until my aircraft is clean.

Uh both hud when landing cockpit view for TO

Alright if u use cockpit view, there’s no FPV right so that’s when you’ve got to rely on the speeds calculated by this website:

When I fly the B737-800 I retract at these speeds

200- flaps 10
210- flaps 5
220- flaps 2
230- flaps 1

then when im on my decent I put them down like this but in reverse

My vertical speeds typically go like this

Ground Level-15,000- 2500
15000-FL180- 2000
FL180-Cruise- 1500
I know this isn’t the exact aircraft but Its just a quick little quideline

Stay Safe! Now go wash them dirty gator paws! :)

Some airbus aircraft have a handy little chart right In the cockpit showing flap speeds, here is for the a320 and a350:

I’m sure a simple Google search of “aircraft ___ flap speed” will give you the results you are looking for 😉


VR (132 knots) = rotate to 8 degrees positive pitch until positive rate of climb is observed
Positive climb = retract gear, continue increasing pitch to ~15 degrees
Once your somewhere around 15 degrees use your pitch to maintain V2 + 15 which in our case is 135 + 15 knots = 150 knots
When u reach 1000 ft AAL (above aerodrome level) reduces pitch to 10 degrees
Reduce throttle to climb power - DONT USE AUTO THROTTLE YET!
Your airspeed will now begin to increase
When you reach ur S speed which is 188 knots in our case retract flaps to 0

In the rather rare case where flaps 2 is required for take off the F speed defines when u should be retracting to flaps 1 and S speed means retract to flaps 0

I think that chart is actually showing the maximum speed that each flap setting can be used at without causing damage to control surfaces. But in my experience it can be used but only for landing although I recommend u make the decision urself based on ur sink rate in relation to ur pitch (if ur pitch is fairly high but ur vs is really low it means it’s time to lower a notch of flaps)


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