Flaps 30° or 40°?

When I’m landing the B737, should I land with flaps 30° or 40°? I always get confused because the A320 family lands with flaps FULL but the 777 and 787 land with flaps 30°.


You could als land the A320family at Flaps 3 (at least the A319/320).

But yeah without a real calculation tool it’s somewhat difficult to decide on the correct, appropriate flap setting.

This could help you out:

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Check this tutorial out for more information: Using the 737-800/900 Flaps

I always land the 73 with flaps 30. Works best for me. If I remember correct, flaps 40 is rarely used irl.


737 and a320 fam land with flap 30/flap 3 unless under special circumstances. All other aircraft have flaps full configurations

Stable weather conditions flaps 40 since higher drag, 30 with more gust but for me, always 30, 40 seems too much in IF

Most airlines IRL use Flaps 30 as the standard. It would go something like (1/5/15/25/30) 40 is used when there are higher wind conditions of the sort to try and stablize the aircraft on approach.

I usually use 40. but since its unrealistic I will change that. I dont want my realism police badge taken from me.

You use flaps 30 for the bigger airport and flaps 40 only for small airports like SNA or MDW or BUR.

It doesn’t matter on the winds

A320 normal conf. Is full, the exception being 3, for strong crosswind or windshear.

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Use flaps 30 unless you are uncomfortable with the runway length. The plane is more sensitive at flaps 40.

Going in detail will be a bit complicated here. I will try to explain basics in short.
A320 family can land at flaps 3 also.
Lower flap setting is used in case of

  1. Strong crosswind during landing
  2. Windshear during landing
  3. High altitude landing
  4. Landing at a runway which is long enough

A full flap setting is recommended for

  1. Steep approach
  2. Small runway
  3. Tailwinds during landing
  4. Bad weather (snow or rain) - (not in IF)
  5. Wet runway - (not in IF)
  6. in case you need to exit runway quickly in a busy airport

I hope it helps


Flaps 40 is for your normal, typical smooth landing, flaps 30 is for your more turbulent landings where you have access to more thrust, but shouldn’t be used normally if you don’t want to

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