Flap Speed

I’ve noticed that on both the 777 and 757 the flaps take forever to go up and down. It definitely takes longer than any other plane in Infinite Flight. From some videos I’ve seen it looks like the flaps are slower than they should be based on the real life 777 and 757.

Is there any reason for this in Infinite Flight?
Are the flap speeds accurately simulated?
Why are the 777 and 757 so slow compared to the other planes in Infinite Flight?

I’m just curious so any answers would be appreciated.

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Flaps IRL also take longer to retract, which is why they did this.

The B777 flap deployment speeds are precisely how they are in real life. I know this because I actually recorded the timings for the flaps in real B777s and then provided it to the developers as a source of reference to use for the development of the B777.

In terms of the B757 - they’re a bit slow indeed. The total time is correct (Flap 0-30) but the increments are indeed slow. It’s a known issue and hopefully will get patched soon.

All aircraft starting with A350 have very accurate flap timing deployment speeds. Most older aircraft may have somewhat inaccurate (faster) speeds which might be skewing the idea that the newer aircraft have slow flap deployment speeds, when in reality they are actually correct.

I hope this answers your question(s) :)


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