Flap speed indicator

There should be an indicator to tell you when to deploy flaps or retract them. This would make it easier for people to get the timing right without sudden unwanted movements from the aircraft. image

Hi I already made this suggestion previously here: Flap extension & retraction speed indicator on HUD.
I actually hope this feature is implemented :)


It looks like that one has been closed. :/


This feature would be amazing to have! You have my vote!


Could be definitely useful but I think Vr speeds fitting for the current weight,… would be more useful.

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What? Same as vr speeds?

MaxSez: Automation has distroyed the requirement for Professional Expertice within the Commercial Pilot Community and odviously here on IF.
Everybody’s looking for a short cut, some new hand holding widget that lights up, makes a sound to remind them to mind the store. After an ok flap airspeed light which flashes in the HUD what next an artificial hand to hold and then pat you on the back. Learn your trade, automation will cause you to become complacent, it will kill you without a strong foundation.


??? I’m just asking for a realistic experience. And it helps tbh to have the correct flap deployment so your flight does not go all crazy

@Jordan_Rankin… MaxSez: Your request was clearly written and ezly understood. Don’t believe it was based on reality, Flap settering of record are the tested speed at which a flap may be deployed only. When there set and a what setting is situation dependent primerally. Don’t think this will ever be considered, if it is ok just another toy for illiterate fly boys…

What, it is in reality 🤨. If you go into a Boeing or Airbus flight sim or actual video of either model you can see on the speed tape that it tells you if it is safe to deploy or retract the flaps. Go look for yourself 😐

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Thank you for the support

@Jordan_Rankin. MaxSez: Well Jordie say what you mean and mean what you say. Appears you left the salient “Like Bus or Boeing Tapes” “Safe to set” in context of yr written and grafic examples (In the original recommendation) Time to buckle down in the English Composition class me thinks good day…

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What bloody hell are you saying?

This would be EXTREMELY useful, every time I deploy flaps I seem to get the speed wrong and then my plane just jerks around. This would be sooooo helpful, you got my vote

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Thank you for the support

I agree with you Max, the less “short cuts” there are, the better pilot you’ll become. Even if you don’t become a pilot, you have experience with flying a plane, not just pushing buttons, or looking on a display to tell you something.

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It’s not really a short cut it’s just to help pilots and make the sim more realistic. It’s not like they don’t use it in real flight simulators.

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a possible issue with this is it would need to be tailored to each aircraft as they all have different settings and it would need to account for weight also

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You could combine/integrate this feature within a fully functional instruments panel

i know but it would need to dynamically adjust for weight and aircraft type