Flap sounds

Should flap sounds be that loud? Considering that the cockpits of most aircraft are far from the wings, I don’t think it should be that loud. It’s like the flap mechanisms are right inside the cockpit. I’d say they’re just as loud as the engines and it gets annoying. What are your thoughts?


I don’t mind the noise, it tells the flaps are working when you hear it.


The flaps will always work in Infinite Flight


If the sound could be toned down a bit, it would be fine. Because ideally, I don’t think you should be able to hear anything from the front of say, a 77W.


Exactly, it’s not like they’re bound to fail.

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I totally agree…also the landing gears. For me, its the little things like that makes a big impression. Please devs should not ignore this.

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I think the flaps and landing gear sound are a good thing to have despite not being 100% realistic, I really like to hear the flaps coming down right before taxiing.

Personally, I think interior sounds should change depending on the cockpit placement. Ex: Engine sounds louder over wings vs in cockpit. And aforementioned flaps sounds

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While, they wont fail, perhaps they could add failures so that they could fail…

That’s why there’s this feature post:

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