Flap Setting

When should i retract the flap after take off? i am focusing on 777-300ER but other plane would help a lot. thx

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Mind ur speed :)

When your speed is sufficient enough to that you will not pitch too steep.

i usually climb at 230 knot airspeed and about 4100 feet per seccond with 777-300ER

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That’s way too deep ! ( VS )
In my experience when 180knts flaps 10, 200knts flaps 5, than up to 220 flaps none. ((For heavy :(

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I thought 777 can take up to 4200 VS

In real world, I think (because I only see this) it only can go up to 3200 feet/sec

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i was trying to get to 40000 ft with 50% fuel, once i got up to 20000 ft, its really hard to go higher but when i got to 30000 ft, the airspeed drop untill about 165 knt

Exactly, as you climb you will have to decrease ur VS to keep u speed up right.
And try to use A/P :)

i did, i climb about 1500 VS after 30000 ft

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Decrease as you climb, try again and ask any question :)

Guess what my boy! There’s a tutorial:

There should be a diagram in this topic which will guide you.


thank you my boy

For the B77W, I use 2700 VS until I get to my ALT. Speed at 230 up to 10,000 feet.

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That is exactly what I was going to say! :)

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MaxSez: V’s for Flap setting for recovery for every plane in the IF inventory can be found in the Tutorials or the Pilots Operating Handbook (POH) or Quick Reference Guide (QRF) via Google search. Knowledge of an aircrafts flight profile is a vital part of Pre-Flighting. Fly safe & like a Pro.


oops, sorry, correction 180knts flaps 15, 200knts flaps 5, 220knts flaps, up to 250knts flaps none

usually around 3,600 feet is when for me the flaps are fully retracted but I cant really tell you when you are retracting during climb out. I see that a lot are talking about bout vertical speeds when climbing. But keep in note it depends on climb settings to. Such as CLB 1 CLB 2 or CLB.