Flap Setting for Takeoff

To how many degrees you make Flaps before Takeoff?

Depends on weight, length of runway

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I’m pretty sure Airbus is 1+F and Boeing’s usually 15 but like @RotorGuy said it really depends on weight and stuff

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Usually flaps 5° for Boeing
Flaps 15 only used in specific wind/weight conditions if required.

I know a pilot AS flying a 737-800 he use Flap 10˚ in Take off.

The flap setting on planes is different for all flights. It depends on your weight how long the runway is, there are a lot of factors however 10-15 degrees flaps should almost always work.

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The infinite flight takeoff tutorial describes and teaches you how to master a takeoff!


Depends on aircraft
Boeing = 15°
Airbus = flap 1+F

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For Boeing I use flaps 15
Airbus 1+F
And mostly any that say 10 or above with other aircraft. I most likely am doing it wrong to.

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