Flap selector button position

Hey All,

I was attempting a touch and go today in the TBM with a fairly benign 8 knot quartering headwind. Easy enough right. Opposite rudder and upwind wing down for a nice touchdown. Now here’s the problem. I had to release the rudder momentarily to retract the flaps to the takeoff position. (because the selector uses the same thumb) All of a sudden the airplane goes zipping across the runway and into the grass. Because I had already powered up for the “Go” part, I was seeing the imminent violation of taxiing to fast. I yanked it into the air with the stall warning horn going off but transitioned easy enough. It just got me thinking about the placement of the selector button. Could it be put on the left side near the throttle? Just a question to see if it even matters to anyone else.


Is your auto coordination turned off? If not, un-check it and see if that helps.

I will check after I land. Thanks

Ive got a few TBM landings under my belt (ok, maybe more than a few). In addition to what Chris said - other things I do to keep it ok centerline in a crosswind:

  • After touchdown I slow to ~60kts IAS or lower if the winds are very strong. This obviously puts more pressure on all the gear.
  • Once I’m slowed, and still on centerline, I then pitch down to put more pressure on the nose gear, which will help the airplane stay straight when you release the rudder button to quickly change to TO flaps.
  • If the winds are really strong and those steps won’t work, I sometimes reach around with my left hand and select TO flaps then quickly get back in the throttle and get on the go.
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I just tried this with auto-coordination on. I got the same reaction he described.

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