Flap limits for Infinite Flight

Hello everyone!in this topic I will share to you the flap limits (IAS)for almost all the planes on Infinite Flight:



  1. 220kts
  2. 195kts
  3. 175kts
    F. 165kts

A319 and A320

  1. 230kts
  2. 200kts
  3. 185kts
    F. 177kts


  1. 238kts
  2. 215kts
  3. 195kts
    F. 186kts

A330-200F and A330-300

  1. 240kts
    1+F. 215kts
  2. 205kts
  3. 196kts
    F. 186kts


  1. 245kts
    1+F 215kts
  2. 205kts
  3. 186kts
    F. 180kts


  1. 255kts
    1+F. 220kts
  2. 212kts
  3. 196kts
    F. 186kts

1 263kts
1+F 222kts
2 220kts
3 196kts
F 186kts


B737 Family
1 250kts
2 250kts
5 250kts
10 210kts
15 200kts
25 190kts
30 175kts
40 162kts

1 280kts
5 260kts
10 240kts
20 230kts
25 205kts
30 180kts

1 285kts
5 265kts
10 245kts
20 235kts
25 210kts
30 185kts

1 240kts
5 220 kts
15 210kts
20 195kts
25 190kts
30 162kts

1 255kts
5 235kts
15 215kts
20 195kts
25 185kts
30 170kts

1 265kts
5 245kts
15 230kts
20 225kts
25 220kts
30 180kts

B787 family
1 250kts
5 230kts
15 215kts
20 210kts
25 180kts
30 170kts


1 230kts
8 200kts
20 200kts
30 185kts
45 170kts

1 230kts
8 230kts
20 220kts
30 185kts
45 170kts

Bombardier Dash 8 Q400
5 200kts
10 181kts
15 172kts
35 158kts

Cirrus SR22 G3 Turbo VFE:

50% 150KIAS
100% 110KIAS

If you want others planes flap limits let me know!


Nice job with these! Obviously these depend on weight but these are a good general “marker”

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Flap limits generally aren’t determined by weight. It’s just what the airframe is designed to handle without breaking.


What is the difference on some aircraft with the difference between 1 and 1+F?

It’s on Airbus; 1 is slats only and 1+F is slats and flaps.


As mentioned earlier Flap limits do not vary by weight. What you are thinking of are Vrefs for each flap for landing. The list in the main post is looking at Vfe speeds which are the flap extended limitations for each flap setting. Vfe remains constant as they are a structural limit not an maneuvering limit.


a340-600 flap limits?

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A340 Added✅

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care to elaborate or correct? :)

From published Vfe sources for the 737-800 which is the same as the 737-6/7/900 as well the Vfe limits are as below.

1, 2, 5 - 250 kias
10 - 210 kias
15 - 200 kias
25 - 190 kias
30 - 175 kias
40 -162 kias

The limits are just whare it’s safe to deploy them, more or less whare you won’t rip them off the airframe, there almost never deployed at the above mentioned speeds…

I’m noticing many of you are saying that the 737/8/9 flap limits are wrong, sorry! Now I correct it ,thanks @USA007!

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Additionally the 777 flap speeds for the 77L are wrong. They are the same as the 77W

Weight does not effect VFE.

And @Pilot_David19 if you want to add it in…

Cirrus SR22 G3 Turbo VFE:

50% (16 degrees): 150KIAS
100% (35.5 degrees): 110KIAS

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This is really useful ! thank you !

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Sure! Thanks @MaksimFerguson !

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Great Job compiling them😊! One question though…

Shouldn’t the settings for the 777-300ER, 777-F, and 777-200LR be the same? I mean since they all have the raked wingtips and similar flying characteristics? Also, GE only engines 👀

sources? as a reference?

You should be able to find VFE speeds in the POH/Flight Manual for the specified aircraft. Or within Infinite Flight, if you look hard enough (and have high rendering and texture quality settings) you can see the placards with the VFE speeds printed on.

Example from the Airbus A350-900:


But generally finding a POH or Flight Manual for large commercial aircraft can be difficult as they are usually not readily available on the internet.

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Could you please add the limits for the 752?

Thanks so much! This topic is so useful and I bookmarked it!

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